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Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship

PO BOX 2001
Pinehurst, NC   28370-2001
t. (910) 215-7777

This mission continues and expands, since January 12, 2005
we have put 'on air' 19 broadcast cable channels!

Channel 93 cable, Montego Bay, Cornwall Communications
Since January 12, 2005
. This analog channel continues in sections of
great Montego Bay, and in broadcast feeds in Hotels.

Channel 239 Digital cable, Montego Bay, Cornwall Communications

Since May 12, 2012

Channel 81 Digital cable, Coral Gardens & Rose Hall, Corwnwall Communications

Channel 93 cable, Cambridge, Guthrie Communications, Ltd.
Since July 12, 2006

Channel 63 digital cable, Grange Hill, Comuni Communications
April 17, 2007 to November 1, 2013, now all digital Channel 107.

Channel 63 / SavLaMar, Cabletron Communcations
December 24, 2008 to Novmeber 1, 2013
, now all digital Channel 107.

Channel 107 digital / SavLaMar, Cabletron Communcations

Channel 93 cable,
SavLaMar, Galaxy Communications, Ltd.

Channel 182 cable, Black River/Santa Cruz/WhiteHouse HomeTime Cable Communications
Since February 26, 2009. On March 23, 2014 HomeTime Cable began to switch to digital broadcasting.
On August 8, 2014 our Channel 42 was moved to Channel 28 on analog. A new #FFTV digital Channel 182
was signed 'on air'.

Channel 20 cable, Lucea, Qes-46 Communications
Since February 10, 2010

Channel 182 cable, Lilliput & Barret Town, HomeTime Communications
Since June 22, 2010, started as #FFTV Channel 6, then became Channel 93.
On February 8, 2015 with the Digital upgrade #FFTV became Channel 182

Channel 93 cable, Albert Town, Modern ReBroadcast Communications
Since October 30, 2010, started as #FFTV Channel 11

Channel 13 Station, Port Kaituma, A. Charles & Sons Communications, affiliate for

morning hours, and ALL Day Sundays! Due to technical difficulties with the broadcast
tower, broadcasts are currently not active.

Channel 8, Lethem, Guyana, South America, SKY TV
Channel 8. Signed 'on air on March 19, 2013

Channel 5, Georgetown, Guyana, South America, Atlantic Cable Networks
Channel 5 Signed 'on air on August 4, 2017

More cable companies are asking for
“Friends Forever TV”. Please pray for the increase.

What a blessing when we go to new communities: CDs, DVDs are distributed, and coloring books are shared! Over the years, I have seen thousands of children receive Christ. It is worth it all!

Pray and give, this mission continues and expands, God gives the increase! Thank you in advance…forever!

You can give and help this donor funded outreach through our secure paypal account

Thank you in advance today. To set up credit card donations call our office (910) 215-7777.

Thank you in advance today for helping Friends Forever carry the Gospel, "For those whose eyes would see..."

Plan Now to join us in Summer 2014! Our 21st Year of Ministry Travel to the great Montego Bay area!

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