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    Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship

    PO BOX 2001
    Pinehurst, NC   28370-2001
    t. (910) 215-7777

    Launched 18 - Cable TV Channels since January 12, 2005

    Channel 93, Montego Bay
    Channels 81 digital Montego Bay, Coral Gardens, Rose Hall
    239 digital, Montego Bay
    Channel 93, Cambridge
    Channel 63, Grange Hill
    Channel 107 digital, Grange Hil
    Channel 63, SavLaMar
    Channel 107 digital, SavLaMar
    Channel 93, SavLaMar

    Channel 42, 28, Black River
    Channel 182 digital, Black River
    Channel 20, Lucea
    Channel 93, Lilliput
    Channel 93, Albert Town
    Channel 20, Port Kaituma
    Channel 8, Lethem
    Special Shout
    Out to dear friends in Industry, Georgetown, Guyana, South America at the People's Assembly Church.

    We are thanking God for having the "Joni & Friends" program 'on air' daily!

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